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This is my personal & professional blog.  It's a place for me to think out loud and learn. I'll sometimes talk about things I don't understand as a way to begin to understand them. I'll often be wrong, short sighted, and unclear. When you see this happening, please point it out!

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100 Things I love about New York City

I recently moved to New York City.  And I love it.  If you’re a friend of mine and have never been, you’re invited!

Here are 100 things I love about it (this is now and likely forever an incomplete list that never makes it to 100).

1.  The resolve of New Yorkers running around Central Park.  Forget the Empire State Building, this is New York’s true tribute to human achievement.

2.  Crappy, expensive apartments.  I spend most of the day inside my crappy, expensive apartment.  At my computer.  Yay!  But daily, sometime in the early afternoon, I realize it’s illogical to sit inside all day and pay exorbitant rent.  Immediately, I go outside and walk around for an hour.

3.  People walking fast.  I love fast walkers.  I have no where to go but I pretend.  I really don’t think others are pretending.  If someone walks slow, you’ve license to push them.

4.  Efficient markets.  For everything.  People, food, apartments, jobs, everything.  If there’s an event somewhere on Saturday, someone with a food cart knows about it and will be there to price gouge you.

5.  Small businesses everywhere.  They only take cash and always have change for a $100.  They count their money in front of you.  They know they make more money than you do and don’t let you forget it.

6.  Smell of horse manure in and around Central Park.  Admittedly, I’ve always liked this.  I’m not sure what my parents did to me as a child.  It’s especially beautiful when juxtaposed against all the artificial, concrete smells of the city.

7.  It’s hard to be a racist in New York.  There are so many people from so many places.  You can’t even tell where people are from.  You therefore can’t figure out who to hate.

8.  Beautiful people.  And lots of ‘em.  I’ve long wanted to make a coffee table full of nothing but photos of people’s faces.  You can do that without ever leaving New York.

9.  Decentralized, one man businesses.  My thinking here isn’t quite crisp.  But there is something I enjoy about these one-two man food carts or the young dudes on bike-taxis.  I really enjoy that they can have such rickety operations and make it.

10.  Big buildings.  A symbol of human power.  Gotta love ‘em.  They make the sky seem irrelevant.

What am I forgetting?

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