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This is my personal & professional blog.  It's a place for me to think out loud and learn. I'll sometimes talk about things I don't understand as a way to begin to understand them. I'll often be wrong, short sighted, and unclear. When you see this happening, please point it out!

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Kristina Jean Perez

One of my good friends from Seattle, Erik Steinfeld, just got married.  I didn't attend the wedding (or the bachelor party :()!  I do wish I had been!  Here are the vows he spoke aloud to his now wife, Kristina!  (Published without permission.  It's not like he reads my blog anyway).


Kristina Jean Perez. Before I met you I would equate my life to that of a single threaded application but, like how mutli-threading is taking over the computer industry, you've added so many new pathways to my life.

Some advice I've always given to people purchasing a computer is that you can buy the best, most powerful computer on the market but if you don't spend anything on a monitor the computer is pretty worthless. A fast computer does you no good if your interface looks terrible and gives you a headache. I liken this to our relationship; I may make the best jokes, be devilishly handsome, have a fantastic career and be incredible lover...

but it would all be meaningless without you.

Marriage for women holds a much different meanining than that of men. From a man's perspective marriage is a massive undertaking, and is a choice that goes against every instinct instilled in us...which is to procreate as often and with as many people as possible. Thus despite all natural instinct directing us to run the other way, every part of my heart says that you are the only one for me.

For the rest of my life I will be there to scratch your arm as you raise it up in the middle of the night. I promise to correct your social dislexia as you make socially akward statements without even realizing it. I promise to not treat you like my computer...looking to upgrade you every 6 months and replace you every year and a half. I commit to our time every night, and when I get sick you can take care of me and when you get sick I can stay away from you to keep me from getting sick.

In the event of a zombie apocolpse, I will protect you
if I become a vampire I will not turn you, for you never turn one you truely love

If war breaks out over the frozen tundra of the NW, and a roaming band of raiders slay you, I will seek vengence till the end of time, and when I succeed I shall found a nation in your name.

If there is a nuclear holocaust, I shall roam the wastes in search of you endlessly, even if you have become a mutant.

but most importantly I commit my life to you, for we love each other.

Reader Comments (4)

funniest vow I've read in a long time.

October 5, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAli

This is very original and VERY funny!

October 22, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterHootan

Maybe I do read your blog asshole. And you should have been there, didn't even send a card. I shed a single tear

December 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterErik

Great blog, very impressive photos and content. Thanks for sharing.

May 31, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJulius

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