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This is my personal & professional blog.  It's a place for me to think out loud and learn. I'll sometimes talk about things I don't understand as a way to begin to understand them. I'll often be wrong, short sighted, and unclear. When you see this happening, please point it out!

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Kristina Jean Perez

One of my good friends from Seattle, Erik Steinfeld, just got married.  I didn't attend the wedding (or the bachelor party :()!  I do wish I had been!  Here are the vows he spoke aloud to his now wife, Kristina!  (Published without permission.  It's not like he reads my blog anyway).


Kristina Jean Perez. Before I met you I would equate my life to that of a single threaded application but, like how mutli-threading is taking over the computer industry, you've added so many new pathways to my life.

Some advice I've always given to people purchasing a computer is that you can buy the best, most powerful computer on the market but if you don't spend anything on a monitor the computer is pretty worthless. A fast computer does you no good if your interface looks terrible and gives you a headache. I liken this to our relationship; I may make the best jokes, be devilishly handsome, have a fantastic career and be incredible lover...

but it would all be meaningless without you.

Marriage for women holds a much different meanining than that of men. From a man's perspective marriage is a massive undertaking, and is a choice that goes against every instinct instilled in us...which is to procreate as often and with as many people as possible. Thus despite all natural instinct directing us to run the other way, every part of my heart says that you are the only one for me.

For the rest of my life I will be there to scratch your arm as you raise it up in the middle of the night. I promise to correct your social dislexia as you make socially akward statements without even realizing it. I promise to not treat you like my computer...looking to upgrade you every 6 months and replace you every year and a half. I commit to our time every night, and when I get sick you can take care of me and when you get sick I can stay away from you to keep me from getting sick.

In the event of a zombie apocolpse, I will protect you
if I become a vampire I will not turn you, for you never turn one you truely love

If war breaks out over the frozen tundra of the NW, and a roaming band of raiders slay you, I will seek vengence till the end of time, and when I succeed I shall found a nation in your name.

If there is a nuclear holocaust, I shall roam the wastes in search of you endlessly, even if you have become a mutant.

but most importantly I commit my life to you, for we love each other.


Why I'm Always Online


Don't DOO It!


Weird Things Happen

Weird things happen in my heart when I see people that look like me suffering in photos.  I'm compelled to act!  The same doesn't quite happen when the people don't look like me!

I found the above photo courtesy of the Nuru ProjectSee more here.  The Nuru Project's mission is to leverage photography to act as an agent for social change in the developing world.  It works on me!


Funny PostSecrets!



Ira Glass Rockin' It


Fabrice Grinda Drops it Like It's Hot

Read it.  No, gorge on it:

35: Reflection on the Passage of Time


Let Me Celebrate With You

I've some friends that email me every time something awesome happens in their lives.  I think it's my favorite thing in the world.  It let's me celebrate with them.  It tells me they want me to celebrate with them. 

Please tell me about everything that's worth celebration in your life! 

Here's an excerpt from an email I got today!

"I will be spending the next 4-5 months as a Kiva Microfinance Fellow in Asia or Africa and then moving back to Florida to help my father raise money for and commercialize his Alzheimer's and vascular disease research."


Nobody Tell Brita!


Advice from Tess

Tess tells me I need to:

  • Pursue ideas I'm passionate about, not just ideas that make me money.
  • Do not work Saturdays or Sundays.  Get out and explore.
  • Exercise daily.  It feels sexy-licious!

Awesome advice for me.  And likely for you!



In Life, STUFF HAPPENS.  An incredible number of people preclude some awesome possibilities simply by not believing.  Smart people.  Confident, smart people.

In life, STUFF HAPPENS!  You get the brilliant, hot girl.  You get into Princeton.  He asks you to marry him.  Your kids turn out beautiful and a little more self-aware and arrogant than you can remember yourself at that age.  That idea you had about underwear that makes your butt look good IS BRILLIANT.  If you ran with it, you could get rich and be on CNBC whenever you want.  Whenever you want.

Not everything pans out.  But that's ok; it's not suppose to!  You're suppose to kill it sometimes and get fucked others.

Everyone you admire believed.  Everyone you admire believed.  So should you.  Start now god damn it.


I Hope Steve Jobs Lives Forever

My favorite commencement address ever.


Steve Ballmer laughs at iPhone Launch

Ugh.  This makes me too angry to comment on!


Entreprenuers vs Wannabe's

Enough said!  Though I wish the graphic wasn't Tommy Edison clutching his microscope with one hand, writing with his left, and staring leeringly at the ribbonned blonde 1/3 his age.


Startup of the Week: Xipto

Xipto is this week's Startup of the Week.  Check it out here:  Xipto figured out that there's only one place humans aren't being served ads: while waiting for your friend to pick up your phone call.  And they've decided to fix this hair on fire problem, enabling you to force your friends to listen to ads before getting to talk to you.  Oh, and if you're exteremely popular, you might just be able to make a living off getting people to call you.

Here's what makes Xipto fabulous:

  • The name.  When you hear someone utter "Xipto" for the first time, you know exactly what the website does.  What's more, you immediatley know how to spell it.  And you thought YouTube was a good name.
  • It's got the best revenue model in the whole wide world: advertising.  Oh, and the advertising is targetted, brand advertising that drives offline behavior.
  • It's viral.  As soon as you figure out what's happening when you hear this ad, you're going to commend your friend and ask them how you can do it too!
  • Best of all, it's dependent on cooperation from Mobile Operators to function.  Because Mobile Operators have historically been nimble and cooperative, this is a sustainable competitive advantage and a barrier to entry for competitors.
  • Enterprise!  I hope their strategy is to penetrate the enterprise quickly after they've achieved critical mass in the consumer space.  I'd love to hear targetted ads when I'm calling Verizon.

 Next on the product roadmap?  Talking urinal ads.

If you have a startup that you think should be our Startup of the Week, email us!


More Postsecrets


How to Raise Money

The video speaks for itself.

Via TechCrunch.


Why would you need Google?

My friend and hero, Dave Williams, told me that when search engines first emerged, people wondered about the long term sustainability of them.  Why oh why would anyone need a search engine?  They'd just figure out the handful of websites they liked, bookmark them, and go to them directly.


Amazon Kindle Dos

You're reading my blog?  You're awesome.  So awesome, you should buy yourself an Amazon Kindle.  Click here to buy it.

I've had the Kindle for a couple weeks and, so far, I love it.  Here's why:

  • It's expensive.  When you spend that much money on something, you're going to use it.  And if, like me, you can't force yourself to read, spending $400 on anything will guilt you into using it.  Even if that means reading books!
  • Sample Chapters. The first chapter or two of every Kindle book can be downloaded for free. So far, I've been too much a cheapwad to buy a single book, but I have read the Samples of about 10 books.  This is awesome.  I feel like I'm getting away with something.
  • The Kindle is Barnes & Nobles in your Pocket.  Amazon has done a wonderful job making it easy to browse books.  By bestsellers, by category, by books you'd like.
  • Sketches of famous literary figures.  When you lock the Kindle, the sketch of a random literary figure appears.  Just like the Barnes & Nobles shopping bags.  I sincerely hope an Engineer on the Kindle team conceived this idea and got a fat bonus for it!
  • Books are going to be free.  Shhh. Don't tell the book publishers.  I was slightly shocked that I had to pay to buy books.  Somone in eastern Europe will figure out how to crack the DRM and create a peer to peer file sharing network for Kindle editions of books!!
  • Capitalism at work.  I kind of love Amazon.  Jeff Bezos and co. get excited about almost every consumer oriented business and decide to enter it.  They compete with Netflix, Apple, eBay.  Usually, they have no competitive advantage when entering one of thse businesses.  This time around, they do! 
    • Amazon owns books.  And understand books.  And their customers go to Amazon to buy them.
    • Bezos and Steve Jobs hang out together.  Bezos must have pulled a Mark Pincus and asked Jobs all about how he designs and manufactures iPods and iPhones.  Or more likely, Steve probably can't shut up about it!  Bezos put this learned knowledge to play with the Kindle.  Other eBook manufacturers (Microsoft, Sony), clearly don't talk to Jobs.
    • Once you own a Kindle, you can only buy books from Amazon.  This lockin is great for Amazon.
  • Oh, and the device itself is actually awesome.  It's sleek and beautiful.  You can download books people tell you about instantly.  You really can read 10 books at once without losing track of where you are in each book.  And the eInk is way easier on the eyes than computer screens.

What I like least about the Kindle:

  • Books you own in dead tree form. Amazon already sold me all these books. And, of course, I've not read most of them. I wish Amazon would give me Kindle versions of books I've bought from them in the last 6 months for free. This would make me incredibly happy. This would convert me to an active Kindle user immediately and likely make business sense (I'd probably buy more Kindle books in the long run). 
  • I need to buy a Belkin case for it.  I suppose the Kindle shouldn't come with the case.  This way buyers can pick a case that matches their tastes.  But something about having to buy another thing from Belkin drives me nuts.
  • Subscription service.  I wish I could pay $20/month and read any book on my Kindle.
  • I'm going to drop it.  I almost wish I'd already dropped it and could move past my fears.
  • It doesn't have WiFi.  Honestly, I haven't found this to be a problem in any way yet.  In fact, you can browse the internet through the 3G cell network for free.  But, nowadays, I want everything I have to come with WiFi.  Even my toiler.
  • It should play videos.  Period.  I don't understand anything about technology, just make it work!

Buy an Amazon Kindle 2 Now.