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This is my personal & professional blog.  It's a place for me to think out loud and learn. I'll sometimes talk about things I don't understand as a way to begin to understand them. I'll often be wrong, short sighted, and unclear. When you see this happening, please point it out!

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The List

I'm publicly declaring the list of things I want to do with my life. Each of these is a premediated act.

Top 10
1. 8% body fat for 5 years. More metrics available here
2. Read 10 books this year (2006)
3. Start a profitable software company
4. CMMTFILWM;FILWMM; This one is embarassing so I've encoded it
5. GMSM; This one is embarassing so I've encoded it
6. Create an audio documentary about something
7. Gain admission into a top tier MBA school
8. Keep up with the Gates-es. By this I mean keep up with trends in technology, cultivate the ability to recognize trends and develop a vision of where things are going.

11. Attend an AA meeting & pretend to be an alcoholic
12. Learn magic tricks
13. Watch a heart transplant;get the surgeon's autograph
14. Get slashdotted
15. Create this website
16. Visit New York City(4/14/2006-4/18/2006)
17. Bald (This is inevitable; why not pretend I want it to happen?)
18. Join an improv comedy troupe; have people pay to watch us perform
19. Meet Jon Stewart. Here's why and one more.
12. Run in a marathon
13. Win a Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament
14. Go horseback riding
15. Visit Las Vegas
16. Drive an 18 wheeler cross country
17. Drive a taxi cab for a day
18. Win the Super Bowl (not by playing in it, by owning the team, silly!)
19. Write something that is published in Business Week
20. Write a book
21. Milk a cow with my bare hands
22. Wear nice shoes that are comfortable too!
23. Topple something: a government, a 3 layered cake, anything.
24. Avoid learning any foreign languages unless absolutely necessary
25. Raise two dogs, preferably golden terriers
26. Have a room full of books in my house. Call the room "The Library" or "The Study"
27. Contribute meaningfully to the education system of Pakistan
28. Defend Islam the religion wherever logical and possible
29. Evangelize the use of pineapple in salads, on pizzas, in burritos
30. Evangelize This American Life
31. Take cooking lessons
32. Have a frivolous, fun job
33. Travel to Japan
34. Travel to China
35. Father a child
36. See Maya Angelou speak(5/10/2006)
37. Snowboard
38. Waterski
39. Hunt animals in the African wild
40. Visit the Amazon rain forest
41. Build a treehouse(1990's)
42. Fall in love(1990's)
43. Put bubble bath in a public fountain(1999)
44. Buy my mom a Mother's day present she loves
45. Drive 100 miles an hour(1990's)
46. Take rowing lessons
47. Climb the 7 Idaho peaks
48. Attend a large Indian wedding, in India!
49. Lay a brick wall, brick by brick
50. Shave my head
51. Sing along to Dashboard Confessional alongside 1000 other DC fans
52. Use the word "fisticuffs" in everyday conversation
53. Use the phrase "Aluminum Siding" in a closing statement(1999)
54. Sail on the ocean for at least 100 miles
55. Smell penguin shit while in Antarctica
56. Father a son who wins the national spelling bee
57. Get my ass kicked by a white guy on Jeopardy
58. Understand the phsyics behind airplanes flying
59. Save a person's life; regret it later
60. Witness human birth; preferably a stranger's
61. Eat something I hunted/dug up/ran over/fished out(for some reason methinks I've done this)
62. Listen to the Top 100 American Speeches
63. Win a hot dog eating/pie eating/pooping contest of some sort
64. Attend Startup School 2006(4/29/06)

Things not on my list that I've done:
1. Attend an Aquabats concert(5/12/2006)